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Who we are

Michael  isn't your ordinary website designer. Yes, he can design a beautiful website. Yes, it will look great on a mobile browser or a desktop. Yes, the websites he designs are Google friendly.

Where Michael is different is in the passion he has for making sure businesses in the "helping" industry get the support they need to shine.

OK, that's enough of talking in third person.

Have you ever actually Googled "website designer Sydney"? You'll get a lot of results. 10.5 million in fact. So how do you pick the one you want or need? How do you know they care about your website the way you care about your business goals, and won't just forget about you when the lights go off at 5pm on a Friday?

Hire someone who likes your business too

The solution is to hire a team who sees what you are trying to achieve with your business, and doesn't just try to deliver a 5-minute template website to you.

I specifically work with businesses that are trying to change the world - in whatever capacity is available to them. If you're a disability worker opening a private practice and need a new website? I'm your guy. If you're a scout group that is looking to improve online signups? I'm your guy. If you're a not-for-profit animal rehoming organisation? I'm your guy.

Let's talk about your website.

About Michael


Michael Orr


Marketer, Web Designer, Professional Fun-Haver and Lover of Chess