At Chess Web Design, our focus is designing and building profitable, user friendly websites for small to medium sized businesses. It's what we do.

See, the problem is that a lot of web design agencies build completely custom websites for each and every client. This approach is great for larger corporations or businesses that need specific, complex websites. That's not who we work with though. What if you simply want customers to read about you, order your product or service, or give you a call?

We build what you need, focusing on crafting you a beautiful website that converts traffic into customers.


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We Know How To Do:

SEO </br> Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

There's no point in building a website if your traffic meter shows a big fat zero every month. At Chess Web Design, we put all the pieces in place for your company to be visible locally (and beyond)!

Mobile Responsive Designs

Mobile Responsive Designs

Do you know how many people look at websites on their phone or tablet? I'll wait, while you look that up on your smart phone... It's over 80%. We make sure your clients don't suffer just because they want to read about your services on their iPhone.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

"Build it and they will come"... Not likely. Find them where they hang out, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other. We'll help you engage your customers where they feel comfortable having a conversation with you.

Interested? We Can Also:

  • Customise to suit your business

    We don't do cookie cutter. If there's an extra feature or function you need, we can add it!

  • Configure a Blog

    Establish yourself as an authority in your industry: Google will reward you for it!

  • Teach you how to run it

    Websites don't have to be a nightmare to manage! If you want to look after everything yourself, we can show you how. Or...

  • Optimise it at every point - from Server to Visitor

    We're an Australian company with Australian employees working in Sydney. We'll make sure your website is hosted near your customers and every feature is optimised for speed and quality of service.

"When I started my business I knew I would need a website and was not sure how to do it. I then met Michael who not only was forth coming with advise but also offered to help me build my website. After advising him what I required he promptly built my website with a great website builder which I could use to update my own website content as well. He also came around to my place to tutor myself on how to edit my website which I found extremely helpful.

 Working with Michael was very rewarding as he always answered any email or phone call promptly, no matter what time or with any concern I had.

I believe businesses that Michael could contribute to are many. In other words he is very adaptable to incorporate any business into a website that reflects the businesses best interests. This includes correct colour schemes for the specified business as well as advising marketing skills and expertise." 

Gardens to You

Meet Our Team

Chess Web Design is in the starter stages of employing people - for now we are a team of 1! But what we lack in numbers we make up in dedication and attention to detail.


Michael Orr


With a diploma in marketing, a passion in web design, a history of sales management and a fascination for customer psychology, Michael is a strategic designer who will get the best out of your business.

DSC_6183 (Copy)

Dexter Orr

Pussycat Ninja

While Dexter may not be the most productive of employees, he is responsible for stress management and bug catching and plays an integral role at Chess Web Design.

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